▶️ MHS athletics steps up to the plate, helping Warm Springs water issues


A water boil notice is still in effect after water was shut off in Warm Springs last week.

Some athletic programs at Madras High School tried to do what they could to rally around their Native American players.

“You don’t know if it will ever go back to normal or if it is going to stay like that and that is when you really have to watch it because some people can get really sick from it,” said Madras freshman softball player Marena Langense. “It’s just really scary.”

“We don’t really know how much water we need throughout the day until it gets shut off, then you start realizing how much you need water,” said freshman Kaylani Estimo.

Langese and Estimo both had their water shutoff after an electrical fire damaged the Warm Springs Water Treatment Plant.

“You can’t really like shower, you can’t wash dishes, it really limits what you can do,” said Langese.

They were practicing and playing softball during spring break, while no water was available at home.

“There’s not a lot of water for us to drink and obviously as an athlete I need to stay hydrated,” Estimo said.

“My Mom tried to conserve water and everything, and we have a game soon and my uniform isn’t clean, so I wasn’t sure if we were going to get to it or if our water was going to get back on,” Estimo added.

The Madras baseball program hosted several teams during their annual spring break tournament while some players were dealing with water issues.

“I know that was really hard for a lot of my friends who had to be here early in the morning this Thursday and Friday and stuff who had to help with the game and I know that had to be annoying to be over here early and figure out everything the night before and where to shower and everything,” said Madras senior baseball player Mason Strong. “That is one, that as a community, I know has affected us a ton, but in the end we are able to get it figured out and at least we aren’t without no water.”

Those without water were able to shower, use porta-potties and get fresh water near Warm Springs Elementary School.

For one athlete’s family, they head to a natural spring when in a pinch.

“It’s just water from a mountain,” said Madras senior softball Hailey Cochran. “We just get a big jar and fill it up. It’s good water.”

The softball and baseball program stepped up to the plate, offering to open the school shower and laundry facilities, as well as food and water donations.

“We’re one big community here and you have to look out for your kids and those of us who take things for granted, we want them to know that we are here and even something as little as grabbing someone’s uniform and washing it for them, it definitely helps out a lot,” said head softball coach Shawna McConnell.

For some of the athletes, their water was turned on over the weekend.

Those who need it, can still use the facilities.

“I think that now they know they are going to be comfortable to actually use the showers, even before and after games,” Cochran said. “I feel like it is such a nice thing because we don’t usually get anything like that.”

If interested in donating food, water, shampoo, soap, and others your can contact head coach Shawna McConnell at smcconnell@509j.net or athletic director Daniel Barendse at dbarendse@509j.net.


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