▶️ Mask up…again: Central Oregonians react to new face covering mandate


At the Old Mill District on Tuesday customers walked into businesses, some wearing masks, others without.

That all changes this week.

“What is the point of getting inoculated if I have to wear a mask anywhere that I go in this state,” said Laurie Glauner, of Bend, “I think it’s ridiculous.”

Gov. Kate Brown will announce a new statewide mask mandate on Wednesday.

The news comes in response to a surge in COVID cases due to the delta variant.

“I think that I support Governor Brown,” said Randy Jute, also of Bend. “I think safety is the number one priority and especially with the new variant that is spreading horribly. I lived in Florida for several years and I see the damage that is happening there, so safety is number one.”

Tuesday St. Charles in Bend reported 100% of the hospital’s positive COVID samples were of the delta variant and Deschutes County’s weekly COVID cases have increased by more than 600% in the last month.

Brown to issue new statewide mask mandate to slow spread of COVID delta variant

“I’m against it,” said Washington resident Mark McCracken. “It’s pretty much the common cold we are dealing with, you got to let people live their lives.”

Some think the mandate is too extreme.

“This is still America, and I should have to choose since I went to the trouble being inoculated,” Glauner said. “I shouldn’t be told that I have to wear a mask anywhere I go.”

“If God were meant for you to have a mask, you would be born with one,” McCracken added.

“Nobody likes to wear a mask I guess, but I think if everybody got on the same page, and everyone got vaccinated, we wouldn’t be in this position,” Jute said.

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Do you agree with the new indoor statewide mask mandate?
Do you agree with the new indoor statewide mask mandate?
Do you agree with the new indoor statewide mask mandate?

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