▶️ Mask debate gets fiery aboard Sunriver shuttle; police investigating incident



“You just want to wear a mask for the rest of your f***ing life?”

This was the response of a man who was asked to put on a mask during a shuttle ride back to the Sunriver Marina on Saturday.

San Francisco resident Evan Chapman recorded the video of their argument and posted it to multiple social media platforms that night.

According to Sunriver Resort Managing Director Tom O’Shea, two parties are allowed on a shuttle at a time and everyone is required to wear a mask.

If you don’t have one, the shuttle will provide it.

The man shown in the video was provided a mask but was one of two people in his group to remove it and refused to put it back on.

According to Sunriver Police, the argument escalated to the men challenging each other to fight.

However, the unidentified rider got off of the shuttle and drove off before police arrived. No one has since been charged or arrested.

We posted the video to our Facebook page and received a wide range of reactions.

Sean O. wrote “call it out when you see it, it’s a public health hazard.” While Debbie S. commented, “everybody needs to mind their own business.”

We reached out to Chapman for comment and did not receive a response.

The man in the video has not yet been identified.


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