▶️ Marjo’s Gift: Bend woman leaves half her estate to KPOV radio station


What is a local radio station worth to its listeners?

For one Bend woman, it was worth half her estate.

A $626,587.13 gift to Bend’s KPOV radio station Wednesday was worth more than four times its yearly budget.

“It’s humbling, it’s honoring, it’s so affirming of the work,” Station Manager Bruce Morris said.

A moment to celebrate…and to remember the dedicated listener it came from.

“We’re really honored that Marjo Mynttinen-Goodwin thought so much of KPOV that she wanted to give this extraordinary and magnificent and generous gift to our station,” Morris said.

Marjo Mynttinen-Goodwin was born in Finland in 1959, and moved to Bend permanently in 2014 after many summers in the area.

She died of cancer on Oct. 9, remembered as humble, independent…and a music-lover.

“She was always asking about my guitar lessons,” Marjo’s long-time friend Toni Brown said. “She liked bluegrass…I think more just the political beliefs of the station, but then also the music, she loved music.”

KPOV was started in the summer of 2005, and the large donation will help the mostly volunteer-run, community radio station reach goals they’ve had for years.

“Improving our program quality, reliability, expanding our youth programs,” Morris said. “We really want to expand our streaming service so more and more people can hear us.”

They’ll also update their equipment to support their 70 volunteer DJs.

One young volunteer, Oliver Klopp, got involved with the station when he attended one of their kids camps in the summer.

“Their fall membership drive just ended, and their goal was $35,000, but to now have this $627,000 donation is crazy and I think it’s going to be used very well,” he said.

Marjo’s friends were blown away by the station’s response to the donation.

“She is going to be very honored with the way that this whole station has received the gift. It was way beyond what I would’ve expected,” her friend Sam Brown said.

“It’s very overwhelming what the station did,” Toni Brown added. “When I walked in and saw her picture, I cried. So I’d like to thank KPOV for everything.”

You can tune in to KPOV at 88.9 FM, and you can find out more about their unique station on their website at kpov.org.


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