▶️ Madras pool prioritizing preventive maintenance measures after crack in pipe


A popular High Desert pool is trying to fix some major problems.

The Madras Aquatic Center discovered a crack in a pipe that led to a filter, forcing its lap pool to close down.

After delays of trying to get different companies out to the pool, the diagnosis of one crack, led to an opening of several other problems.

The facility says they are doing everything they can to get things running again, but are also focused on more of a preventative approach in the future.

“Once they fixed one leak, they of course discovered another leak and in this process they did discover that we need a new filter, which is a very expensive part on a pool like this,” said Board of Directors Chair at the MACRD Jinelle Lewis.

Lewis says historically, the aquatic center has not prioritized preventive maintenance measures.

Since the pool opened in 2008, filters have never been replaced.

“So we are taking this one step at a time with each expert that comes out to try and help us fix the problem,” said Lewis

In recent years the pool had to replace two boilers, costing around $25,000 dollars each, closing the pool during that time as well.

Now, Lewis says it’s time for things to change.

“We’re trying to develop not a rainy day fund, but a maintenance reserve to cover things like this when they do come up because we know that they can happen and you don’t ever know when,” added Lewis.

Securing funds is just the first step.

“We’re also trying to get different parts on hand as a backup for certain things that we know can maybe go down more frequently in a pool setting,” she said. “To have things on hand so we can fix things in the moment.”

The lazy river and shallow pool remain open during this time.

The board hopes the lap pool is back open this week, but knows the fix is only temporary and will update the community when the filter is being repaired.

An operating levy was approved by district voters in May 2013 and renewed in May of 2018 to increase recreational offerings and invest in facility and maintenance.

The district intends to ask voters to renew the operating levy in 2022-2023.

The Aquatic Center says replacing the entire filter will cost around $20,000 and the timeline for the final fix is 4-6 months.


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