▶️ Love can’t wait: Bend couple rushes wedding to avoid COVID delay


Their perfect day may have been planned at just the wrong time.

“We feel kind of like we don’t have control over what’s going on,” said Shaylee Emerich.

Shaylee and her new husband Jordan were worried that COVID-19 could get in the way of their “I Do’s.”

So they took things into their own hands.

“We were driving back over to Bend from his family’s house on Sunday last week, and we came up with the idea,” Shaylee said. “We planned it all week long, and we got married on Saturday. Seven-day wedding!”

The couple had a smaller ceremony on April 4th.

So if all else fails, at least they’re legally married.

“We’ve already waited a year and a half come June. We didn’t want to wait until then and then have them say ‘oh actually you can’t get married now’ and then have to wait even longer,” Shaylee said. “So we decided if we can be legally married, that’s our little positivity for the next couple of months until we can have our celebration with our family and friends.”

The Emerichs say they’re happy to have the “most important” part accomplished. And they’re trying not to stress over the next wedding.

“As of now we’re keeping June 20th,” Shaylee said. “And I think we’ll know more come May 1st when we hear if the ban has been lifted or not and if it’s safe to continue with groups. If not, we’ll push it out a couple months. And if it is, we’ll make it happen in June.”

The Emerichs say if they don’t get the June wedding they’re hoping for, they say they’re willing to wait for their perfect day.


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