▶️ Locals give thoughts on COVID vaccination rollout



When can I get my COVID-19 vaccine and why is it taking so long?

Two questions many Central Oregonians are asking.

We talked to a few people this morning at Pilot Butte in Bend to get their thoughts on the vaccine rollout.

“It seems it should be a little bit more accessible than it is,” said Peg of Bend.

“According to my parents, they wish they had been able to get their vaccine by now,” said Lyn, also of Bend.

“I hope they have enough vaccines to meet the demand,” David, a Bend resident said.

Wednesday on Facebook St. Charles posted about appointment sign-up instructions for people in the 1A group.

A spokeswoman for St. Charles canceled an interview to talk about the vaccine appointments, saying things will likely change after Gov. Kate Brown makes an announcement Friday about vaccine distribution.

Everyone we talked to today realizes it’s a complicated problem.

“There’s many tiers of how and when and who,” Peg said.

Some people are understanding.

“I think they are doing a good job with what they are being given, with the amount of vaccines they are rolling out,” David said.

Others are frustrated with the process.

“I feel like the virus is probably going to swipe through by the time they get all the vaccines out,” Lyn said.

More answers are expected Friday, but for now everyone will have to wait.

“I think this is a tough moment,” Robert said. “I think they are doing the best they can and they are pulling rabbits out of the hat, they don’t know.”

As of Thursday, 146,137 Oregonians have received the vaccine including about 7,852 in Deschutes County.


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