▶️ Local sports bars ready for busy weekend, football season amid COVID spike


Glasses clinking on lacquered bar tops, the glow of TV screens, and the colors of everyone’s favorite teams create the busiest time of the year for local sports bars.

There are over 60 college football games happening this weekend, including our beloved Ducks and Beavers.

Due to more games, bar owners are preparing for big crowds.

“We expect a lot of people out here tomorrow and the next day for sure. We’re actually pretty excited about it,” said Cabin 22 General Manager Chad Utley.

But as the beer pours and cheers begin, the threat of COVID-19 lingers.

Bars around town are preparing to keep fans safe with a number of precautions like extra cleanings, managing crowd sizes, and policing masks while people are not drinking and eating.

Cabin 22 will place helmet stickers to each television, so folks can see which team is playing on which screen, and social distance accordingly.

Don’t feel comfortable cheering inside?

Sidelines moved the party outside with a new flat screen.

“Being a sports bar I thought I better find a way to get a big screen out here so people can watch the game while they’re out here enjoying the sunshine while we still have it, said Sidelines’ Owner Trevor Kalberg.

And of course, the safest thing to do is protect yourself.

“You want to try to be with a group that’s fully vaccinated and get your vaccine. wear a mask if you’re going to be indoors but especially outdoors as well if you’re going to be with a group of people you don’t live with,” said Morgan Emerson from Deschutes County Public Health.

Both Cabin 22 and Sidelines said they will have extra staff on hand for the busy weekend… and that there will be plenty of safe fun and football.


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