▶️ Local ski legend and Mt. Bachelor regular dies at 94


Darrell Price, a local ski legend, passed away last week at 94 years old.

He was still skiing literally up until the day he died.

“He was skiing Monday and had a massive stroke Monday night,” Judy Price, Darrell’s daughter, said.

Even into his 90s, Price skied more than 100 days at Mt. Bachelor each year alongside a group of friends.

“He skied black diamond slopes, everything on the mountain,” Claude Simmons, Price’s friend and daily ski buddy, said.

Price took up skiing at Mt. Bachelor in his 50s after he semi-retired from a career as a contractor in Eureka, California, according to Simmons.

Even in his later years, he never let go of an active lifestyle.

“He would do 100 push-ups and 100 sit-ups every day,” Simmons said. “And then he would walk two miles before he would go up and go skiing.”

Price’s lifestyle garnered attention from local media outlets. He was on the front page of the Bulletin in 2018.

“I think he was pretty humble about it,” Judy Price said. “He didn’t brag about it or anything. He was going to ski until he was 100.”

The Mt. Bachelor community responded to the news of Price’s passing with an outpouring of support for the life he lived.

A post of Price from 2018 generated more than 500 likes on the Mt. Bachelor Conditions Facebook page, with comments like “what an inspiration” and “a legend.”

Judy Price said she appreciates the support and is at peace with the life her father lived.

“I feel like he was 94 and he was doing what he loved, and he went quickly and I didn’t need to take care of him in a wheel chair,” Judy Price said. “He would not be a good wheelchair candidate.”


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