▶️ Local school districts stay positive about upcoming spring break travel


A week long spring break starts Monday for the Redmond School District and Crook County School District.

Both school districts will encourage families to follow state and county guidelines.

“The state’s guidance is that travel is supposed to be essential only,” Sheila Miller, Redmond School District public information officer said. “They are discouraging people from traveling for fun, which is generally what spring break is all about.”

Jason Carr with the Crook County School District says between precautions currently being taken in schools and the low county case counts, he’s not overly concerned about spring break affecting in-person learning.

“You know you can never say never,” Carr said. “But I think the chances of us having to move the entire district back to distance learning is extraordinarily low.”

In fact, Carr was more concerned with COVID spreading during holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving.

“Just given where we are with the number of cases out in the community,” Carr said. “And the fact that we have more people vaccinated than we did just a couple months ago.”

Both districts did not consider canceling spring break.

However, if COVID cases do come up when students return, contact tracers will be ready.

“We hope that we don’t have to do that, but we’re prepared and we’ve had some practice at it,” Miller said. “We’re really happy to have kids back in our classrooms and we don’t want to do anything to jeopardize that.”

Both districts added that all school staff members have had the opportunity to be vaccinated.


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