▶️ Local restaurants continue to struggle amid COVID; popular spots closing



Nickol Hayden-Cady, owner of Foxtail Bakeshop and Kitchen in Bend, says her business lost thousands of dollars within just the first few days of the pandemic.

The months after have been no easier.

“Our main business has always been wedding cakes, and the wedding cakes have dropped over 75%,” Hayden-Cady said. “So it put us in a horrible financial situation.”

Leading Hayden-Cady to come to the decision to do away with Foxtail’s savory menu.

“Food prices are going up,” Hayden-Cady said. “I just couldn’t raise my menu prices so high to justify it.”

Some are having to do more than alter inventory.

Ochoco Brewing in Prineville and Brew Doctor Tea Company in downtown Bend, both recently announced they will close their doors, unable to financially recover from the pandemic.

Regional economist Damon Runberg says they may not be the last.

“You know we’re past that sort of peak summer, tourism boom right now,” Runberg said. “So we’re approaching the slow period of the year, in the middle of a pandemic and I think that is pretty concerning for our restauranteurs out there.”

Runberg says food, beverage, and hospitality have been the businesses hit the hardest.

As a business owner herself, Hayden-Cady says everyone is feeling pressure and trying to stay positive.

“I hope that people are still innovative,” Hayden-Cady said. “Don’t cut their quality, and still have a happy smile on their face when customers come in.”


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