▶️ Local officials encourage safe use of fireworks on 4th of July


In an instant, a simple firework can turn into a catastrophe.

Redmond Fire Chief Ken Kehmna said there are many places people go wrong when it comes to firework safety, including using illegal fireworks, setting off more than one at a time and choosing the wrong location.

“We live in the high desert and by virtue of that we live in a very dry climate,” Kehmna said. “You know we’re now in fire season and it’s windy outside my window right now. We need to be mindful of that.”

An easily-missed mistake is what people do after the fireworks are over.

Improper disposal of fireworks last year destroyed a home on Awbrey Butte and another at the Country Sunset Mobile Home Park in Bend.

“Keep extinguishing capacity handy and keep water handy, a bucket of water,” Kehmna said. “Make sure to dispose of everything safely. Don’t just take all of your spent fireworks and dump them in your trash and put your trash can in your garage or put it outside because you want to make sure the stuff is completely out.”

To keep little ones safe, firework vendor Michael Sellers said families should look into kid-friendly options.

“Just little trinkets like sparklers,” Sellers said. “We have some ones that are 36-inches long so you don’t get hurt when you’re putting them out.

Legal or illegal, Kehmna says all fireworks are dangerous if they’re not used the right way.

To report an illegal firework, call 541-693-6911.


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