▶️ Local leather company forced to raise prices; artists as well


Local artists and leather manufacturers are facing the hard reality of upping prices, so a new leather bag might cost a few more bucks.

“I can’t even remember the last time we raised prices,” said Maverick Leather Company owner, Matt Foster.

Maverick Leather Company, a cut leather supplier, announced the increase of some leather prices on it’s Instagram… giving their buyers a month notice to adjust.

Maverick serves several companies throughout the nation, with local artisans purchasing their materials from the shop as well.

The uptick is a result of labor shortages across the world, making imported and custom leather a costlier material.

The family-owned leather business intends to hold the prices of a majority of materials, but still is seeing effects from the price hike.

“We try to be brutally honest about what we sell, which is why we came out with ‘hey we’re going to be raising prices, but you’ve got a month,'” said Foster.

And for local leather-smiths in Central Oregon, the higher costs of materials is business as usual, but comes at a hard time with fewer opportunities to sell wares.

“It’s kind of the downfall of artists is, you try and find that price point where it’s enough to cover your expenses and your time but not so much that it’s going to take away your clients,” said Matthew Stokes, the owner of Stokes Co. Leather.

“Their price increase was expected as everyone in the industry has had to do the same due to labor shortages…from what I’ve heard from local artists is that it’s just par for the course,” said local leather-smith Paige Bruguier.

The Maverick Leather Company is unsure when the cost of leather will decrease.


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