▶️ Local health officials come together for PSAs to combat COVID vaccine rumors


There are plenty of rumors about the fight against the Coronavirus spreading online.

The Central Oregon Health Council issued a PSA Wednesday specifically about the fertility rumors.

Dr. Julie Ansbaugh with the Central Oregon Pediatrics Associates says it’s just one of several false rumors about COVID and the vaccine.

“Fertility is a very emotional subject, no one wants to affect their health and the health of their future family and with that being such a sensitive topic for so many people we wanted to make sure we could quell those fears right off the bat,” said Ansbaugh.

Several different health officials from several different areas launched their own campaign to set the record straight.

“As providers, we want to be a resource to the general population so that they know they are able to get information that is helpful, not just rumors off the internet, which can be a scary place right now,” said Ansbaugh.

Dr. Matt Ashley, a urologist with Summit Medical Group says this video specifically tries to reach younger, lower-risk people who are interested in conception.

“Because in this pool of people transmitting back and forth, they may not be getting critically ill with it, but every time that virus gets transmitted from one person to another that is another chance for a mutation,” said Ashley.

Battling social media rumors, with social media.

“This is something that has to be addressed to the broader public with this means like social media to get the information out as efficiently and effectively as possible,” said Ashley.


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