▶️ Local health official says pregnant women should ‘strongly consider’ vaccine



Jennifer Ball is six months pregnant with her first child, a baby girl.

The Bend resident works in health care and was offered the COVID-19 vaccine in early January.

Ball says at first, she was hesitant.

“They don’t do studies on pregnant women,” Ball said. “So, there isn’t a lot of research done.”

Ball reached out to the East Cascades Women’s Group in Bend for guidance.

The clinic referred her to a benefit-risk analysis from St. Charles, mentioning while COVID is dangerous, it is more dangerous for pregnant women.

Risks highly focused on lack of data because the vaccine has not yet been tested in pregnant women.

Ball ultimately deciding that the benefits of the vaccine outweighed the risk of contracting COVID while pregnant.

“I know that the vaccine itself doesn’t contain the virus and has a high efficacy rate,” Ball said. “So, I felt like it was a safe defender for someone who is at high-risk such as myself.”

According to a myth busting article by Dr. Russell Massine with Summit Medical Group, pregnant women are at a “slightly higher risk for COVID-19 complications” and should strongly consider being inoculated against it.

Ball says she did not experience any out-of-the-ordinary side effects following her first dose.

“Sore arm, a little tired, lethargic,” Ball said. “But nothing out of the norm from what other people are experiencing.”

The mother-to-be will receive her final dose on Friday.

“The benefits outweigh the risks for me at least,” Ball said. “I felt like it was a good decision for me and my baby.”


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