▶️ Local GOP reps lament a second failed bid to recall Oregon governor


“A well-done effort that fell a little short.”

That’s how some are describing the campaign to recall Gov. Kate Brown that missed the goal by just a few thousand votes.

“I’m disappointed, but not surprised,” said Paul Dewitt, former Chairman of the Deschutes County Republicans.

“It’s a letdown obviously,” added John Filo, Deschutes County Coordinator of the Recall Kate Brown campaign.

Filo says the Oregon Republican Party felt confident they would collect the  280,000 signatures required to begin the process of recalling Oregon’s governor

“It was a very minimal amount,” Filo said of the amount of signatures they didn’t get. “Really less than one percent.”

State party leaders said they collected 277,254 signatures, which is about 2,800 short of the required number.

It’s the second time in a year the Oregon Republican Party has attempted to recall the governor.

Dewitt says he didn’t believe the petition was a good idea the first, or second time.

“The first one, as you may recall, there were two sort of competing petitions,” said Dewitt. “The second time we had to compete with the virus.”

A member of the state GOP told me over the phone that they were “extremely disappointed” and believed that having two campaigns, one by the Oregon Republican Party and another run independently, going at once ”diluted” the efforts of the GOP.

“It confused a lot of people” said Filo. “‘Well I signed one, is this a different one?’, and so we’d have to figure out what they signed to make sure they weren’t double signing.”

Though the campaign came up short, Filo says he hopes their efforts prompt change.

“Hopefully we sent a message,” said Filo. “I think that maybe the leadership will step up and do what ‘s needed for Oregon citizens because that’s what the majority of people felt that it was inadequate and disjointed.”

There are no current plans to launch another recall effort.

Instead, the Oregon Republican Party said the focus will be on the November elections.


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