▶️ Local dispensaries see ‘high’ demand on 4/20, National Weed Day

It’s probably one of the most widely celebrated unofficial holidays.

“This and Black Friday are our biggest days,” Lizette Coppinger, Cannabend co-owner said.

4/20, also known as National Weed Day, benefitted both local customers and marijuana distributors Tuesday.

“We have 20% off the entire store and we have 30% off about four or five different items,” Coppinger said. “Plus we also have four different raffles going on for special glass pieces.”

Cannabend in Bend saw a consistent wave of 4/20 customers.

Record numbers have also been coming out of Miracle Greens on 3rd Street since they opened at 8 a.m.

“By like 9 a.m. we had done a quarter of our daily sales,” Haley Stinson, Miracle Greens handler said. “By noon we had done our average daily sales.”

Stinson says there’s a reason her shop prepares for this day all month, and that 4/20 is a great marketing opportunity.

“It used to be like ‘oh it’s 4/20 man’ and now it’s like let’s take that and make it something marketable,” Stinson said. “Give a little bit more respect to it.”

Customers seem to agree.

“4/20 is just an amazing holiday and it gives people a lot of freedom,” Blake Tucker, Miracle Greens customer said. “It kind of is a nice way to commemorate marijuana being implemented into society.”

Dispensaries aren’t the only businesses that took advantage of the day.

The Corndog Co. food cart parked strategically in the Dr. Jolly’s lot Tuesday.

“4/20 is a pretty special day here in Oregon,” Michael Kurtz, The Corndog Co. co-owner said. “It’s my first 4/20 here in Oregon and I figured what better way to celebrate than cater to the masses here.”

If local dispensaries can agree on one thing, it’s that 4/20 is the “high” point of their year.

“People are starting to realize it’s more than just stoners having fun,” Stinson said.


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