▶️ Local coffee roaster attempting to share samples with every home in Bend


A Bend coffee roaster is taking an extreme approach to marketing his business.

“We are going to be handing out 2-ounce holiday Guatemalan coffee with a little pamphlet to every household in Bend,” Sean McDonell, Coffee4Kids founder said.

McDonell says he has been hand-delivering 1,700 bags of his product and averaging 30 miles on foot per day.

He is also hoping to hit every home, about 39,000 doorsteps, by December 20th.

“It’s costing me about $25,000 to do it, but we know that people are going to appreciate it,” McDonell said. “They’re going to love the holiday cheer, and hopefully it’ll make them a better version of themselves.”

McDonnell said 10% of the Coffee4Kids’ profits go towards an orphanage in El Salvador, making this project well worth it for McDonell.

“You know I hope that you can buy it and support us or support the kids,” McDonell said. “But I think you’re really going to like it.

If the pouch you find on your porch was not enough, McDonell is offering a year’s worth (12 pounds) of coffee to anyone who helps bag or delivers product.


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