▶️ Local businesses use COVID slowdown to renovate before reopening


It’s been a strange couple of months for Redmond boutique owner, Nicole Meagher.

“We really missed our in-person traffic for sure,” Meagher said.

Meagher has been sticking to online orders since the start of the pandemic. Leaving her with some extra hours and consistent revenue to renovate Willow Wild.

“Really we didn’t have any customers in the shop. So it was a great time just to completely destroy the space, honestly,” Meagher said. “I made a huge mess and paint everything, and yeah. I had free range basically for two months so that was great.”

Cascades Theatrical Company in Bend had the same mindset.

Replacing the theater’s original stage, and remodeling the lobby and bathrooms.

Executive Director Howard Huskey says, “I mean it was a great time, you know because we just didn’t have any traffic in here. Most people don’t realize how busy a little theater is, but we have hundreds of volunteers that come through here all the time.”

The 38-year-old stage had never been replaced. Huskey had planned to start the project in July, but figured the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

“It’s going to make a big difference in the productions and stuff,” Huskey said. “It’ll just make everything go smoother.”

As for Meagher, she’s grateful closing up shop had a silver lining. In addition to sprucing up the boutique.

Meagher says, “You know when people aren’t allowed to go downtown and shop and be a part of the restaurants and retail and stuff, people are really excited just to come out and support their local community.”

Both Willow Wild and Cascades Theatrical Company say they’re excited for customers to come back in and see the changes that have been made. Willow Wild opened last week during Phase One, Cascades Theatrical Company plans to re-open during Phase Three.


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