▶️ Local athlete to run 100 miles and do 1,000 pull-ups for homeless shelter


Running 100 miles and doing 1000 pull-ups may sound like a crazy goal, but one man is channeling that crazy for a cause near and dear to his heart.

“Don’t think about the 99 miles ahead, think about the next step,” said Brandon Stutzman, “Think about the next aide station that you can get to.”

For Stutzman, an Ultra-Runner, that ‘one step ahead mentality’ is what carried him through a tough part in his childhood.

“When we moved back to Central Oregon, we didn’t have anywhere to go so my parents signed up for Bethlehem Inn, and we got in,” Stutzman said.

Stutzman and his family stayed at the shelter in 2011 after they fell on tough times during the 2008 recession.

Though Stutzman doesn’t remember the exact details of that time in his life, one thing stuck out.

“But I do remember just the positive energy and everybody being so positive and helping and loving and caring,” Stutzman said.

Years later, Stutzman wants to run 100 miles and complete 1000 pull-ups on Friday to raise awareness for the shelter that showed him so much love.

“I instantly thought this would be a perfect opportunity to give back to those who gave to my family,” he said.

“For us that means a lot because he’s one of those shining examples of getting through that strife in your life and really coming out on top,” said Jordon Walker, the Volunteer Resources Coordinator for Bethlehem Inn.

Along with his arduous run, which Stutzman said will take up to 50 hours to complete including the pull-ups, he’s also trying to raise $5,000 for the shelter.

So far, he has raised over $2,000.

“The best outcome is for people to see that level of pain that I go through and take it on in their life to push through the darkness they’re currently going through,” he said.

“Really trying to foster an understanding with people,” Walker said.

An understanding that starts with going one step at a time.

“No matter what you’re going through, you can still get out, and you can still make it out,” Stutzman said.

To donate to Stutzman and his cause, you can visit his Instagram profile.

Stutzman’s run will take place in Redmond on this Friday, Apr. 22. 



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