▶️ Life on livestream; Bend man devotes month to 24/7 online presence


Nowadays, it is normal to post parts of your life on the internet, but every second of every day?

That’s quite the task.

Bend resident Ethan McChristian is up for the challenge, livestreaming his life this month 24/7.

“My best friend livestreamed his entire life for a year straight,” McChristian said. “I thought that it was an awesome counter-movement to like the ingenuity of a lot of social media.”

McChristian tries to protect other people’s privacy, but most of his life is fair game.

The “life-streamer” does not show some of those more “personal” moments, like showering or using the restroom.

“I try to be as genuine as possible to what I normally do,” McChristian said. “So we just try to have fun and enjoy ourselves.”

So far, the livestreams tend to only reach about 10 people.

Views move up to the hundreds once posted, but there are certain videos that have been getting 1,000 views or more.

“Surprisingly the sleep streams, those get the most views,” McChristian said. “I don’t really understand all the way because I don’t watch sleep streams personally, but I think they can be relaxing to have it on in the background.”

McChristian says it was hard to keep things authentic at the beginning, but he is getting the hang of it.

“I think it’s possible that I could do it a little longer than a month,” McChristian said.

He is an open book to anyone on the internet willing to watch.

You can watch McChristian for yourself on multiple livestream platforms including YouTube, Twitch, DLive, and VK Live.


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