▶️ Lamination may keep your vax card safe, but could prove problematic


Those little vaccination cards could be your ticket into businesses or events without a mask, but what’s the best way to keep it safe and secure?

Some choose to laminate it.

“We do get questions about it pretty much every day,” said Jerry Williams, The UPS Store owner.

Multiple Bend print shops tell Central Oregon Daily News they’ve only had a handful of customers come in, including UPS on Century Drive.

“Maybe one or two a day that are asking about it,” Williams said. “So not very many.”

Renee Mansour, Minuteman Press owner, sees even less on a daily basis.

“I would say ranging from six to ten people have come in,” Mansour said.

For those who want a lamination, Williams recommends you provide or request a copy of the card.

The UPS Store owner doesn’t suggest laminating your original card in case it needs to be written on again for a booster shot.

Technical difficulties on the print shop’s end is also possible.

“There are times when lamination won’t take,” Williams said. “You don’t want to ruin the original.”

Mansour has advised her customers to not to laminate their cards for the same reason Williams says you should make a copy.

Mansour, however, doesn’t even think a duplicate is a good idea.

“I feel that that would be leaving room for them to be used by somebody else,” Mansour said.

Deschutes County Public Health tells Central Oregon Daily News they have not been suggesting laminating vaccination cards.

Public Health has been recommending taking a photo of the card and saving it to the favorites folder on your phone.


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