▶️ La Pine seniors ‘disappointed’ to go virtual for remainder of school year


On Monday, La Pine High School students learned they wouldn’t return to in-person learning until June 4.

June 4 is the same day seniors graduate, meaning La Pine seniors will never walk the halls of their school again.

“I didn’t know Friday, that was going to be my last day ever going to school in the high school,” Alex Farnsworth, a senior at La Pine High School, said.

The return to comprehensive distance learning comes after 15 people associated with the school tested positive for COVID-19, forcing more than half of the school’s staff and seniors to quarantine.

“I didn’t get to give those formal goodbyes or thank you’s that you would normally give your senior year,” Farnsworth said.

For Farnsworth, the closure is doubly painful because it cuts down an on already-shortened final high school basketball season.

“It sucks,” Farnsworth said. “You’re putting in all this work to get better and everything, and then it’s just taken from you. Very disappointing.”

Junior Gracie Smith said she’s sad to miss out on her own basketball season too.

“I really liked being back to normal, and now things are back how we were,” Smith said.

For Smith, the closure means stress surrounding upcoming finals in AP classes, which will now be online.

“It’s just a different environment to learn in and I personally don’t think it works as well,” Smith said.

But, as Smith pointed out, at least as a junior, there’s hope for a return to normalcy next year.

“I definitely am bummed for us kids that get to go back hopefully June 4, but my heart goes out to seniors right now,” Smith said.



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