▶️ La Pine Middle School dean prepares for Guantánamo Bay deployment



Lieutenant Jason Deaner’s family began to grow in 2013, and he decided to enlist in the United States Coast Guard as an extra source of income.

“Instead of picking up a random job,” Deaner said. “I decided to pick up like a second career.”

Deaner began working as the Dean of Students and Athletic Director of La Pine Middle School in 2016, and was commissioned in 2017.

Now in 2021, he’s training in Everett, Wash. and will soon be deployed to Guantánamo Bay, Cuba.

“So it’s approximately two months here of training to get ready for that,” Deaner said. “Approximately nine months overseas, and then there’s another month that’s actually back here.”

Deaner could not get into specifics about what he will be doing in Guantánamo Bay.

However, there is a well-known detention center within the naval base there.

Deaner says the toughest part of the deployment is leaving his family.

“It’s hard because I would rather just be at home,” Deaner said. “In my home with my wife, my kids, my town, my neighborhood.”

Deaner says it does help to know his kids will, in a way, benefit from his absence.

“For example, like the post-9/11 G.I. Bill, which is the massive education benefit,” Deaner said. “I don’t need any of it for myself, but I can transfer like 36 months of paid education to my kids.”

As for his roles at La Pine Middle School, Deaner hopes to check in and see how things are going.

Deaner does plan to return to his positions once he is home.

“We’re definitely going to miss him,” Matt Montgomery, La Pine Middle School principal said. “Relationships are huge and he’s one that has built strong relationships throughout our school. A lot of kids navigate to him.”

It will be tough, but Deaner is keeping his head high.

“So usually when I leave I go for like two weeks, so this is right about when I would be coming back,” Deaner said. “And of course I’m not even anywhere close to coming back now.”

Deaner will be deployed for about a year, and could not disclose his exact departure date.


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