▶️ Jefferson Co. kids send letters to boy with cystic fibrosis battling COVID



A 5-year old Yuba City, Calif. boy born with cystic fibrosis is currently hospitalized, battling COVID-19.

Noah Schneider has asked people to send him stickers and notes of encouragement.

Students at the Kids Club of Jefferson County don’t know Noah, but they heard his story and were inspired to help.

So they wrote letters and drew pictures to send to him.

“To make stuff that make him the most comfortable like trains or just special poems,” said sixth-grader Amanda.

 “I think it will make him feel happy and make him feel at home,” Brynlee said.  

“I feel like he would maybe love the ocean and like sea horses and stuff in the ocean,” said Bailey about the card she made for Noah.

“He’s kind of sick right now and I hope this makes him feel better and I heard he likes Toy Story,” Riley added.

“I hope you feel better,” first-grader Aubree said.

Noah’s mom Haley saw on social media what these kids are doing and responded.

“You guys are making me tear up and they haven’t even arrived yet,” Haley Schneider wrote on Facebook. “We Love this! These Hand made cards are so special! We are displaying them in his room and we plan to scrapbook everything.

The Kids Club of Jefferson County sent the letters out Friday.

If you would like to send Noah a letter yourself you can mail the note to:

Sutter Medical Center

ATTN: Noah and Haley Schneider

2825 Capitol Avenue

Sacramento, CA 95816


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