▶️ Jefferson Co. holds first required meeting on moving Oregon/Idaho border



Jefferson County Commissioners met for the first time Wednesday about a far-fetched plan that would move the Oregon, Idaho border.

In November voters approved a measure requiring two meetings a year on the Greater Idaho Proposal.

Thursday’s meeting started with Jefferson County Commissioners in the dark about the process

“I have not seen a proposal yet. I don’t believe my fellow commissioners have either,” said Jefferson County Commissioner Kelly Simmelink.

He said this first meeting was about laying the groundwork.

“I think it opened some dialog and that’s what’s these meeting were intended for.. I believe,” Simmelink said.

He said there are still lots of questions from the public about the impact of joining Idaho such as doctors’ and nurses’ licensing and car licensing.

Commissioners heard a presentation from the Move Oregon’s Border group but expressed concerns over next steps.

“It was asked of us to contact the legislature of Idaho,” Simmelink said. “I’m not going to call Governor little and find out what his thought process on whether warm springs comes with me or not.”

It sounds like an ambitious plan, but Simmelink said they are taking the matter seriously.

“Until the state of Idaho, the state of Oregon and Congress for a matter of fact have something legislatively, I really don’t know what we are doing other than the legwork possibly, but that is not what the voters asked for, they asked for two meetings a year.” he said.

The second mandatory meeting is scheduled for August.


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