▶️ Jake’s Diner plans for reopening with eager staff ready to return


Rici Fisher has worked at Jake’s Diner for 20 years, except for the last two months.

The governor’s stay-home order closed the popular breakfast spot in Bend mid-March.

If the county’s reopening plan is approved, Jake’s hopes to reopen on Saturday, but Fisher has mixed emotions.

“I’m excited about like getting back to work,” Fisher said. “But all I can say like … pretty much that like expect the worst but hope for the best.” 

Owner Lyle Hicks is staying positive, even if he has to run Jake’s Diner at 50% capacity.

Hicks says, “Based upon the fact that we’ve got that PPP to fall back on, I’m not worried about those first few weeks. After that, we’re hoping that this thing will be far enough along to where we can open up the floor a little bit more.”

Small businesses like Jake’s have relied on the Federal Paycheck Protection Program loan to stay afloat.

Hicks brought back all 25 of his employees at the beginning of the month and says everyone seems happy to be back.

“I think they’re pretty excited,” Hicks said. “Everybody that I’ve talked to and they seemed excited immediately. The first meeting we had last week with them, they seemed all happy and ready to get back to work.”

As for Fisher, she says, “It’s just like Christmas time, like a present kind of. You don’t know if it’s going to be good or bad or…”

She’ll be taking things day by day.

“I’m still wondering what it’s going to be like,” said Fisher. “I’m excited to go back to work and hopefully see some, you know faces I haven’t seen. In the same boat without a paddle, you know we’re all in wonder like what’s going to happen?”

Hicks says employees are excited to get back in the swing of things.

Worst case scenario, Jake’s will continue to offer take-out and delivery. That service will begin on Saturday.


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