▶️ It’s a show and lifestyle; Jefferson Co. Fair is officially back


Rylee McCabe has been showing animals at the Jefferson County Fair since she was 8-years-old.

“I figured out this is what I like to do, I don’t play any sports, so this is kind of my sport basically,” said McCabe.

Now she’s 15 and says the rides, food and rodeo are fun, but she really only cares about one thing.

“The showing for me is just the best part,” she said.

It’s a show and a lifestyle. 

“It’s about you, it’s about your animals, it’s about your work ethic, it’s experience, it’s responsibility,” McCabe added. “It’s a great way to teach responsibility, you know, and it is a fun way to teach responsibility.”

Show animals, face painting, camel rides, carnival rides, snow cones and, hopefully, ribbons.

The Jefferson County Fair is officially back.

“There’s tons of rides, lots of food, 4H and FFA animals, just your classic county fair,” said Fair Manager Brian Crow.

The animal showings are first.

“I showed a Holland Lop Rabbit,” said 8-year-old Reece Jasa.

“I’m showing my sheep, his name is Bob,” said first-time animal showman Angel Avina. “He is a Hampshire Suffolk cross.”

“My pig is named Bubbles,” said 11-year-old Sarah Taylor. “She didn’t make weight this year, so I went into the feeder class and placed first.”

Next to the animals, last-minute inspections for the carnival rides on opening night.

The man in charge of the rides, Marque Lundgren has been working amusement rides for 22 years, but this is his first year in Jefferson County.

“When you see the little kids walking around and you actually get to make people smile, they get to forget about all their troubles, all their worries, everything going on in the world around us,” he said. “Because let’s face it, it’s a crazy world, but for that little bit of time they are at the fair, they get to smile and be kids.”

The fair continues through Saturday, and includes live music and the rodeo.


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