▶️ Investigation continues at home where 2 found dead; neighbors react


Bend Police remained stationed outside a house near the base of Pilot Butte Monday after two people were found dead inside Saturday night.

Late Monday, police announced the deaths were a homicide but did not believe the public was in any danger.

The victims were identified 29-year-old Natasha Newby and her fiancee, 34-year-old Raymond Atkinson Jr.

“It’s been closed off, we really can’t get any closer,” Jordan, a neighbor, said.

“I never knew them, I never knew their names,” said Taylor, another neighbor. “It was pretty quiet as far it goes over there.”

Just before 10 p.m. Saturday night, Bend Police responded to a neighbor’s call for a wellness check at 932 NE 12th Street in Bend.

Neighbors spoke with me about the aftermath.

“I got off early on Saturday night so I got here about 10 minutes before the first cop car arrived,” said Taylor, who only gave first name. “My husband and I were just inside and heard sirens and quickly saw the sirens go down our street. We popped outside just in time to see an officer exiting his car with a shogun in his hand so we came back inside!”

“I just got home and it was around 11 o clock at night,” said Jordan, also only giving his first name. “A bunch of cop cars pulled up. Probably around 20 cars.”

“It is really a place that we feel safe and happy to live,” said Taylor. “So this has been an interesting experience for us and our neighbors.”


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