▶️ HSCO receives close to 50 Louisiana pets impacted by Hurricane Ida


When Hurricane Ida hit, Louisiana residents were not the only ones put in danger.

Animals in shelters also fell victim to the natural disaster.

27 dogs and 22 cats were transported to Bend by plane Tuesday from Louisiana, and the Humane Society of Central Oregon is lending a helping hand.

“This is a lot of animals, this is our largest transfer ever,” Lynne Ouchida, Humane Society of Central Oregon community outreach manager said. “So some of these dogs are going to be going out to foster homes until we have the space in the shelter to bring them in.”

Many of these animals will be up for adoption in the coming days, a task that proved difficult in the midst of a natural disaster.

“What the shelters are doing down there during a disaster is they’re trying to make space,” Ouchida said. “So that they can take in the animals that maybe are being rescued off of the streets down there.”

In partnership with Greater Good Charities, the goal is to provide a safe and loving home to animals that have not seen one at least since Ida began.

“We’re really banking on the fact that we have an animal loving community,” Ouchida said. “And that they will step up here in Central Oregon.”

Animals will be posted on the Humane Society of Central Oregon’s website as they become available for adoption.


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