▶️ Homeless living along Hunnell Road ordered to clean up sidewalk, roadway


A notice to clean up Hunnell Road has been issued to the homeless living along the shoulders of the busy collector road on Bend’s north end.

The cleanup notice is not an eviction.

City officials say the goal is to make the road accessible for snowplows and to keep the sidewalks open for pedestrians.

Central Oregon Daily News visited Hunnell Road to see if the people living there are complying with the clean-up notice.

The City of Bend is not telling people living along Hunnell Road, Loco Road and Clausen Lane they have to leave.

But it is telling them they have to clean up and keep the roads open for 2-way travel and snow plowing.

Notices were hand-delivered last week to the estimated 75 people living along those roads.

They have until November 5th to clear personal property and garbage off the sidewalks.

Vehicles and personal effects parked along the curbs may not extend more than eight feet into the travel lane.

“There’s materials out beyond some of the campers and trailers out into the travel lane,” said David Abbas, director of the City of Bend’s Transportation and Mobility Department. “People double parking or parking perpendicular so the vehicle is out into the traffic lane.”

The city placed two 30-cubic yard dumpsters along Hunnell Road and distributed about 800 plastic garbage bags to encourage people to clean up.

And it appears to be working.

One man living along Hunnell Road spent days cleaning up debris within 200 feet of his trailer.

“I cleaned up the area past the trailer behind me,” said the man who identified himself as Critter.

“Did you do that all by yourself?”


“Are you tired?”


Abbas said some areas along Hunnell are looking better.

He said other areas still need work.

“We will assess it tomorrow, beginning of next week, see what’s left. I was out there this morning with some of the service providers. We will continue the effort, try to get it cleaned up.”

Hunnell Road is listed as a collector road in the city’s revised Transportation System Plan and a second-level priority for snowplowing.

Several businesses located along the west side of Highway 97 north of Cooley use Hunnell Road for access and egress.

Next year, Hunnell Road will be extended north to Tumalo Road and have bike lanes installed along it, putting an end to the roadside parking.

“It is not eviction at this point but that is where we need to get to,” Abbas said.

“The city and the county are working on other viable options. To really evict them, we’ve got to have options and places for them to go. We aren’t there yet.”

Hunnell Road will be used for detours and construction traffic when ODOT’s North Corridor project begins next year.



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