▶️ Homeless campers evicted near Parkway move along to an uncertain future



The Oregon Department of Transportation cleared a transient camp at Revere at the Bend Parkway Monday citing safety concerns.

“It actually was not as safe to leave them there as it would be to have them moved,” ODOT’s Peter Murphy said.

But now that the camp is gone, where do the transients go?

“Isn’t that the huge question we’ve been grappling with for so long?” said Shepherd’s House Director of Development David Notari.

The short answer, Notari says, is that it remains an unknown.

“I think people go where they feel it’s safe for them,” said Notari. “For those who have left that particular encampment, they’re going to find a place that is away from the elements, so they could end up near the railroad tracks, they could end up on a park bench, they could end up at another encampment.”

“It’s not an easy decision,” said Murphy. “We had to take an action to move them and that’s what we did yesterday.”

Murphy added that ODOT does keep track of camping next to the highway system and should an encampment become problematic in the future…they’ll once again work with homeless advocates and local authorities to come up with the best course of action for those living there.


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