▶️ Hit and run victim thankful to be alive; DCSO looking for suspect


Michaela Conley was headed to work in Bend from her home in Redmond Sunday on what was supposed to be a normal afternoon.

“I was going down the old Bend-Redmond Highway just singing to music,” Conley said. 

But in an instant, everything changed.

As she got to the intersection of Tumalo Road and the Old Bend-Redmond Highway, a pickup truck slammed into the driver’s side of Conley’s car.

“All of a sudden, this truck was right in front of me. I hit the brakes, I tried to turn, but we just collided,” Conley said. “We bounced apart, he bounced up and hit the top of my car, I thought for sure he was going to land on top of me.”

Witnesses told Conley that the driver hit her after running a stop sign at the intersection.

Conley says, the driver never even slowed down.

“There’s an acceleration mark on the side of my car from his tire spinning as he accelerated off of the hood of my car and just took off down the road,” she said. 

As the driver sped away, three witnesses quickly helped Conley out of her car.

One of them was Adventure Medic EMT Kevin Ferns.

“Saw a vehicle off the side of the road and decided, since I had my equipment, to stop and see what was going on and that’s when I saw she was still in the car and she looked pretty shaken up,” Ferns said.  “I decided to just stop and see what I could do to help.”

While Ferns came upon the accident after the driver had sped away, other witnesses told investigators that the driver had been on their cell phone.

“It’s disheartening to know that I was doing everything I was supposed to do, I was going the speed limit, I had the right of way, and even after all of that you can’t control what someone else is going to do in an instant,” Conley said. 

Though Conley has some soreness, whiplash, and a bruise on her leg, she also says she’s lucky to be alive.

She’s also urging others to always wear their seat belt.

“I can’t even imagine feeling the impact, feeling the tightening and everything if I had not had that. It could have been so much worse.” 

The Deschutes County Sheriff’s office says they are looking for an older Ford, possibly 1990’s, super duty, two-toned pick up that’s dark blue and tan with possibly out of states plates. The front passenger side has damage with red paint.

if you see this vehicle, please take down the license plate number and call your local law enforcement.



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