▶️ Hens Gone Wild! Redmond chicken surprises family; tags along on coast trip



The Platt family frequently visits the Oregon Coast. 

They were on their way from their home in Redmond to Cannon Beach in January, when they took advantage of a rest area on Mt. Hood. 

“I looked over and could see a man and wife walking toward the building at Government Camp and he was emphatically pointing at the ground and so I followed to where he was pointing, and it was a chicken,” said Sam Platt. It was our chicken.”

Their chicken – named Shot – had somehow come along for the ride.

“We don’t know how she got there,” Platt said. “Whether she rode on the vehicle. She couldn’t have been in the car because we would have heard her.”

An hour and a half from home there was no turning back.

“Me and six or seven other strangers were trying to catch this chicken during a pandemic at Government Camp,” Platt added. “A very busy Government Camp, mind you.”

The vacationing chicken didn’t bother 4-year-old Phillip or 6-year-old Louise.

“When the kids noticed, neither one of them cared,” Platt said. “They just kind of looked up front and were like ‘huh, chicken’s with us,’ like it was totally normal.”

The Platt family decided to take Shot along to enjoy the beach.

“Everybody would walk by and I would be holding this chicken and they would look and then look again and say, ‘Is that a Chicken?’,” Platt said. “Yeah, Yeah it is and I would go into the story of why we have a chicken on the beach. It was a lot of fun for everybody.”

When not sunbathing, Shot was right at home at the family beach cabin.

“She had actually laid an egg underneath the house,” Platt said.

It’s safe to say, the vacation is one they won’t forget soon.

“Probably the best part of the whole thing was the joy it brought every one of just how absurd it was to have a chicken at the beach,” Platt said.


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