▶️ Health officials undeterred as protests continue at high school COVID clinics


Protesters once again gathered outside a Bend high school on Tuesday as health officials conducted a COVID vaccine clinic for teens inside.

Despite the heckling, 114 students chose to get their first dose at Mountain View High School.

“I was very relieved and also very excited to see that they were here,” said Lucy, a freshman about the protesters.

“I thought it was awesome that people were voicing their opinions and voicing what they think is right,” Lucy added.

“They were kind of in the way and they were kind of blocking traffic from moving, said Phoenix, a junior.

“Some of their signs were really obnoxious or ridiculous, like they weren’t really thinking about it,” Phoenix added.

A similar scene happened last week outside Bend High School during the first local high school clinic.

Where nearly 200 students were administered vaccines.

▶️ High school COVID vaccination clinics begin as anti-vax protesters gather outside

Ellie Millan, a PNP and the Mosaic Medical Pediatrics Clinical Medical Director, said she believes the vaccine provides the best path for teens to protect themselves and their families.

“This is a critical junction in the pandemic right,” Millan said. “The vaccines are our way to get back to some sort of normalcy.”

A similar clinic took place in Prineville Tuesday.

There were rumors protesters might demonstrate in front of Crook County High School, but none appeared.

“Hopefully it’s because nobody saw students coming in through the front door because we had set it up for them to come through the back door,” said Emergency Preparedness Coordinator for Crook County Public Health Vicky Ryan.

The Prineville clinic was held next door to the school at the fairgrounds but was only open to teens Tuesday morning, where 46 students were vaccinated.

“The students were very happy to come into a safe environment and get their vaccination,” said Ryan.

Despite protests in Bend, Millan says she will move forward.

“I would just say to choose hope and not fear,” she said.

More clinics are scheduled for Summit and La Pine High schools on Thursday.


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