▶️ Harney Co. deputy back to work after routine traffic stop goes bad


A routine traffic stop gone wrong.

Matt Ellibee, a deputy out of Burns recalls, “I was searching the vehicle, stepped back, I placed my left hand on the vehicle. I do recall one of the troopers asking me if I was okay, I believe he said it twice, at which point I was told I went down.”

Last Sunday, the Harney County Sheriff’s Office deputy pulled over a driver going 102 mph on Highway 20.

Once he learned illegal narcotics and drug paraphernalia were inside, he and two Oregon State Police Troopers began to search the car. That’s when Ellibee began to feel sick and lost consciousness.

“My vision seemed distorted in some ways, but I could hear the trooper on the radio saying he has an officer down,” Ellibee said. “All I really wanted to do was just sleep, I just wanted to go to sleep.”

Ellibee says he doesn’t know how long he was unconscious.

He was told later by the state troopers that he had turned extremely red, and his eyes were bloodshot. It wasn’t until he was given two doses of NARCAN, used to treat overdoses, that he began to wake up.

“Those guys saved my life, I look at it as they did. Because it could’ve ended badly for me.”

After being decontaminated at the scene and a trip to the emergency room, Ellibee was cleared and back at work within two days.

He says unfortunately, this is just one of the hazards of the job.

“We just have to fall back on our training and rely on each other and rely on our training to, you know, get out of situations like this.”

The Harney County Sheriff’s Office will not be releasing what that unidentified substance was until their investigation is complete.


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