▶️ Former pastor announces run for County Commissioner


Rev. Morgan Schmidt of First Presbyterian Church of Bend announced Monday she is filing for the Democratic nomination for Deschutes County Commissioner Position 3.

Schmidt told Central Oregon Daily News on Monday that she wanted to run for County Commissioner after the camaraderie she witnessed in Central Oregon last year during the pandemic.

Deschutes Co. Commissioner Patti Adair, who currently holds Position 3, said she wants to continue in her position because she feels her calling is to help people as a native Oregonian.

“Politics are politics, and politics are never fun,” Adair said, “But I care about the people. Truly.”

Regarding concerns surrounding Schmidt’s status as a pastor, she said will be resigning at her current position and would not interview at her former church in order to emphasize her separation.

She hopes her strong stance will uplift the core values she holds to treat everyone equally.

Both Adair and Schmidt expressed interests in affordable housing and homeless aid.

Adair referenced her support of Senate Bill 391, which focuses on building rural housing on farm and forest-designated land.

Overall, both candidates emphasized their focus on unity beyond parties.

“If we could just bring our country and our county, everyone together a bit more, I think that would be a positive thought to bring on a daily basis,” Adair said. 

Primary elections are set for May 17th.


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