▶️ Family, friends of victims frustrated with no arrests in 2 Bend murder cases


Two local, high-profile murder cases are still under investigation.

This includes a double homicide from August and an assault turned potential homicide from Christmas.

Natasha Newby and Ray Atkinson were found dead in their home in August.

Five months later, the couple’s homicide is under investigation by Bend Police.

On Sunday, Central Oregon Daily caught up with Josh Pardee protesting in downtown Bend.

Pardee was a close friend of the victims and is urging the District Attorney’s Office and Bend Police to get them justice.

“There could still definitely be a threat out here,” Pardee said. “Some of our people in our justice department need to get on it to put the rightful people behind bars and know that we’re safe at night.”

Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel said while there are suspects, it’s not enough to make an arrest.

“We’re not done with our investigation, we’re not done with our fact gathering,” Hummel said. “We don’t have enough evidence yet to file charges. If we did, we would have.”

It’s a similar story in the case of Daphne Killian-Banks.

The Bend mother was allegedly assaulted on Christmas and later died after being taken off life support.

“A few weeks ago there was an autopsy at the Oregon State Medical Examiner’s Office,” Hummel said. “We have some preliminary results from that, we don’t have the final results from the autopsy, so we’re waiting on that.”

Hummel says “it may be weeks, it won’t be months” for final autopsy results to become available.

Randall Kilby of Bend is the suspect in Killian-Banks’ case, he was arrested for assault and has since been released.

Hummel says there is not enough evidence yet to charge Kilby with murder.

Killian-Banks’ daughters, Rio and Laci Killian, are frustrated that current autopsy results and what they were told by their mother’s surgeon is not enough to hold Kilby.

“The surgeon specifically said that these injuries were not consistent with a fall,” Killian said. “How is that not enough in itself?”

Hummel says the Killian family is given weekly updates on their mother’s case by the District Attorney’s Office.

However, Laci Killian claims she has not been able to reach Hummel directly and was told he “would not speak about the case until it closed.”

Hummel said once there is enough evidence in both cases, the victims’ families will be the first to know.

“We want to give them closure,” Hummel said. “We’re doing everything we can.”


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