▶️ Fallen soldier memorial in Bend attracting visitors, support


It all started with the desire to spread kindness, along with her daughters’ idea, for Brenda Kine to set up this moving tribute in her yard for the 13 fallen service members killed in Afghanistan two weeks ago.

“Our military is so important and I don’t think they get enough recognition for what they do and the things they give up,” said Kine.

Thirteen flags, 13 photos, and 13 bundles of dried flowers stand tall in Kine’s lawn in honor of each fallen soldier.

Kine’s daughter Shelby urged her mother,  who came from a military background of several service branches, to memorialize those lost in the Kabul bombing.

Behind the memorial on SW Reed Market Road, the Kine’s American flag flutters its colors for the folks passing by.

“I think they did a really good job too with the different flags behind the photos and then the even bigger American Flag in the background. it’s definitely a really good tribute to the lost lives that have fallen in Afghanistan,” said Callum Melrose, who passed by the tribute earlier today.

The display made an impact, people started adding flowers and extra decorations to the memorial.

Kine hopes those who see the tribute recognize the impact veterans make on the community, and that positivity can come from remembering tragedy.

“We’ve had people come to our door in tears just thanking us for our recognition of the military and that just means so much,” said Kine.

The display was only meant to last till the end of labor day weekend, but Kine says she intends to keep it up longer to honor veterans here and beyond.


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