▶️ Fair incident leads to more interest in firearms classes in Madras


Last Friday’s incident of a gunman shot by law enforcement in Madras has increased interest in gun safety in the area.

The Jefferson County Fair had two incidents involving guns last week.

One involved a man with an AR-15 and four armed locals. The other incident shut down the carnival due to reported shots.

Stay Center in Madras, only a few blocks down from the fairgrounds, has a mission to provide access to quality training, education, products and services, when it comes to firearms.

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Owner, veteran and United State Marine Corps service pistol champion Duane Ledford says he’s seen a big uptick in people wanting to attend classes.

“Our phone, both my brother and I, we both had phone calls all through the night, into the next morning,” Ledford said. “People have already signed up. We have eight, again only 12 for that (next) class, we’ve had eight already sign up for it. It was a lot.

A class held Wednesday was a simulator training day to activate students’ mental and physical responses, to mimic real scenarios.

Ledford says their goal is to teach people how to be safe with firearms, but also teaching how to avoid, to be aware of and to identify situations.

To learn more about Stay Safe in Madras you can visit their website or Facebook page.

Below is Friday’s report on the officer-involved shooting


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