▶️ Extreme heat forces Bend employers to adjust schedules, close for the day


Outdoor jobs are not easy this week.

“With the air temperature inside of the cart being 130 degrees, that doesn’t even include if you’re cooking over the flat top,” John Davis, Alley Dogz co-owner said. “Then you’re looking at 160, 70, 80 degrees.”

Multiple outdoor food spots shut down Tuesday including Bend’s Midtown Yacht Club and most vendors at Bevel Brewing.

Davis and Southern Accent owner John Morris say employee safety was a concern.

“You can put an AC unit in, you can have your hood on full blast, you can do everything you want,” Davis said. “It really does not put a big dent in the temperature.”

Morris also decided to close his second food cart, Chicken Strut, for the day at Silver Moon Brewing.

“My main thing was to make sure that my staff and myself included weren’t going to be dealing with any conditions that come from heat exhaustion or whatever you know,” Morris said.

Even road crews for the City of Bend adjusted their schedules.

“Most of our heavy lifting and heavy projects are done in the morning,” Charles Swann, City of Bend streets operations manager said. “As the temperatures reach about 90 degrees we have our staff go to alternate work.”

It is not just people, equipment also can’t seem to handle the heat.

“They’re not designed to be taking in 120, 130 degree air,” Davis said.

It is something many workers are having to deal with and hoping will not last long.

“It definitely changes your foot traffic and whether you’re going to have the sales you’re hoping to have even if they’re low,” Morris said. “It’s going to be lower than the low number you want.”

All these business and employees can do now is wait.


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