▶️ Sisters Middle School evacuation shelter assists during Grandview Fire


A temporary evacuation point and shelter is currently set up at Sisters Middle School due to evacuations from the Grandview Fire northeast of Sisters. 

People who have been evacuated can head to the school, where the American Red Cross is providing food and water, and a place to stay overnight if needed. 

“So if people need a place to sleep we have cots and blankets, we’ve got food and water and hopefully some information we can share with people that have been evacuated from their homes,” said Cindy Morman, the Shelter Supervisor for the Red Cross. 

Peter Abbott is evacuated from his home, living three miles away from the fire off Wilt Road.

“I have a friend here in Sisters, the city of Sisters, and I have an RV that I was able to move,” he said. “So I slept in my RV in his driveway, so we have a place to stay.” 

Abbott says it’s now just a waiting game to see when and if he can return home.

“The community always rallies around when we have events like this, so it is nice to feel supported and that people are watching over you,” he said.

David Wellington, a 70-year-old retired firefighter, fought fires for 46 years before retiring three weeks ago.

With ash falling on his house and a trailer filled with items, he’s waiting to see if the Grandview Fire will cause a level 3 “Go Now” evacuation in his neighborhood.

Update: Grandview Fire increases to 4,500 acres; 5% containment

“I can either go away and have it burn, or stay here and have it burn with me in it,” he said. “So, you know, there is nothing that I can do to stop it.”

“We’ve started getting our important papers out, some clothes and keepsakes, things like that,” he added. “We put in about four hours in last night and then we’ve been at it for about two hours, three hours today.”

Wellington and his wife have lived in the Squaw Creek Canyon Estates for 18 years.

The area is currently under a Level 2 “Get Set” evacuation notice, and the fire is around four miles from their house.

If it continues to burn, they will have to leave their longtime home.

“We’re about 99 percent there,” Wellington said. “We have a few things here and there, but we’re ready.”

The Deschutes County Fairgrounds is accepting large animals in need of evacuation.

If you need help transporting animals, you can contact the Pet Evacuation Team at 541-610-6628.


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