▶️ Development plan for Pine Ridge Inn site draws criticism from some neighbors


The City of Bend has approved a redevelopment plan for the Pine Ridge Inn on the city’s west side.

But not everyone is happy with what’s coming.

On the 7-acre lot bordered by Mount Bachelor Drive to the north, Century Drive to the west and Colorado Avenue to the north, the applicant is proposing to construct seven buildings — two hotels and five condominium complexes with ground level retail and loads of parking—a total of 250,000 square feet of developed spaces.

Some of the buildings will be 60 feet tall.

They will be perched on the rimrock overlooking the Deschutes River and partially visible from Reed Market Road and Century Drive.

Through three virtual neighborhood meetings over the past year, the City of Bend received a total of seven comments.


“I’ll bet you there’s not 100 people in this town that know this project has been approved and is going to dramatically alter this part of town,” said Doug Meyer, a neighbor.

Meyer is one of several neighbors who tell me they’re concerned about overcrowding on the property and local roads.

One woman said she wants existing trees kept, to screen views of the development.

I also talked with several nearby businesses.

Two said if the development helps the local economy, they are onboard.

“The people that live across Bond Street on the bluff will look over here and they will no longer see trees. They are going to see three more stories of hotel,” Meyer said.

City officials approved the site plan submitted by Pine Ridge Holdings LLC of Ridgeland Missouri and granted variances for setbacks, width of on-street parking stalls and street design.

A northern exit from the development onto Colorado Avenue is proposed to cross the Haul Road Trail, a popular bicycling and pedestrian walkway.

The exit will be at a perpendicular angle so motorists can see oncoming bicyclists and pedestrians.

Next steps include the submittal of building plans.


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