▶️ Despite smaller enrollment, Culver Schools still don’t meet COVID metrics to open



The Oregon Department of Education’s newest metrics that came down Tuesday will allow for some rural schools to reopen for in-person learning this Fall.

But despite their best efforts, Culver schools will not be among them.

“Well, it’s been a bit of a rough week,” Culver School District Superintendent Stefani Garber said.

Just last week, the Garber was hopeful they’d see students back in the classrooms this Fall.

“I was on a committee to try and come up with new metrics,” said Garber. “We did.”

But under the Oregon Department of Education’s new guidelines, Culver schools miss the mark for in-person learning by two measures: the number of positive COVID-19 cases in Jefferson County, and transfer students who come from outside of the district’s boundaries.

“We would be able to meet the metrics if we were able to use zip codes,” said Garber. “And you can’t have more than 10% of your students being transfers, and we are right at 11%.”

Culver residents were disappointed at the news.

“I think they should be open for the kids to get knowledge,” said one resident. “But I don’t want to see them crowded in one spot that’s going to get them all sick at one time.”

“I think it’s time for them to open,” said another. “I think if they just use precautions all the way around, I think they’ll be fine.”

But Garber says, she’s not giving up.

“We’re going to throw a Hail Mary!” said Garber. “We are trying for a model of one day a week we have kids on-site and we line out the other four days in that one day and then they do distance learning the other four days. Starting full time distance learning is not the wish of the district at all.”

Garber says she plans to submit her proposal tomorrow and hopes to hear back from the state soon, possibly within a week.


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