▶️ Deschutes County soon to receive 400 doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine


Deschutes County’s most significant constraint in vaccine distribution has been availability.

According to public health director Nahad Sadr-Azodi, the arrival of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine should help.

“With Johnson & Johnson vaccine becoming available, it’s going to increase the supply chain,” Sadr-Azodi said. “Which will allow us to vaccinate as many eligible people as possible.”

Sadr-Azodi says he’s not sure when this week’s 400 doses will arrive nor how consistently, but it will be soon and a distribution plan is in the works.

And what about those common misconceptions that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is not as effective as Moderna or Phizer?

“It’s upwards of 85% efficacy against severe disease and against mortality,” Sadr-Azodi said. “It’s done quite well, in fact, I don’t think any deaths were reported during the phase three trials.”

When it comes time, will you get to choose which vaccine you receive?

Sadr-Azodi says those details are still being discussed and figured out.

On Wednesday Albertsons/Safeway announced its pharmacies will offer customers a choice when more than one option is available, through its federal partnership.

Regardless of which vaccine you are offered, Sadr-Azodi suggests you take it.

“I wouldn’t try to differentiate amongst any of them,” Sadr-Azodi said.


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