▶️ Deschutes Co. deputy under investigation for FB comments about Harris


A Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office deputy is under investigation for a comment about Vice President Kamala Harris he left on the Central Oregon Daily News Facebook page.

“Great role model for young ladies, just gotta sleep with the right people,” read a comment posted by DCSO Deputy Russell Stanage under a link to a story about the reaction from local female leaders to Harris becoming VP .

Central Oregon Daily reached out to the Sheriff’s Office asking about the comments. Agency spokesman Sgt. Jayson Janes sent a copy of the social media policy and a statement.

“The posts on your Facebook page show they were made from Russell Stanage’s personal Facebook account, and he was not portraying himself as a DCSO deputy,” Janes said. “The posts made are the opinions of Russell Stanage. His opinions are not the opinions of the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office.”

The social media policy includes this passage:

4. When using social media, members shall be mindful that their speech becomes part of the worldwide electronic domain. Therefore, adherence to the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office’s code of conduct is required in the personal use of social media. In particular, Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office members are prohibited from the following:
a. Speech containing obscene or sexually explicit language, images, or acts and statements that ridicule, malign, disparage, or otherwise express bias against any race, any religion, or any protected class of individuals.

When we asked for clarification that Stanage did not violate those policies, Janes said: “we are now conducting an independent investigation into the matter, so we have no further comments due to the investigation.”

Stanage may have been referring to allegations about Harris that have circulated on the internet before.

In 2019, Fox News Host Tomi Lahren apologized on Twitter after alleging Harris used her relationship with former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown for career success.

The deputy’s comments didn’t go unnoticed by Facebook users.

“Great representation for DCSO,” one wrote while another emailed our newsroom saying, “to see this from a deputy is very disturbing, to say the least.”

Another posted in the Facebook thread, “Deputy Russell T. Stanage with DCSO should really think about the statements he makes on Facebook as he represents this county.”

After some replies from other Facebook users, Stanage also posted: “girls deserve better role models than Harris.”

Central Oregon Daily reached out to Stanage to ask about the comments, but we haven’t heard back.


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