▶️ DeBone, Stuart discuss drought, homelessness, budget, during candidate forum


Two republican candidates are running in the primary election for the position of Deschutes County Commissioner Position 1.

Candidate Scott Stuart and incumbent Tony DeBone discussed important county topics and the forum started with opening statements.

“I saw that things weren’t being done to protect citizens’ rights,” said Stuart. “I am a fiscal constitutional Christian conservative.”

“People tell me that I have a steady leadership style and in the turbulent political times we need leaders who are more steady than bombastic,” said DeBone.

Each interviewee had one minute to answer a variety of questions.

Topics like drought.

“Ground level waters are going down a little bit but it is not time to panic,” said DeBone. “We are going to manage water, we are going to be more efficient and this is a call to anybody and everybody.

To the county’s role in dealing with the homeless crisis.

“Get back to the highest law of the land and protect the people so that we are not lawless but that we have law and order,” said Stuart.

“We need to do passionate enforcement,” said Debone. “Enforcement to move people to services.”

Topics like budgetary action and where funds should be spent and taken away were also discussed.

 “You got a county government that is fat and it is fat,” said Stuart. “We have three different sign companies, ODOT, County and the State and we’ve got payroll, working comp, we got retirement going out. Why?”

The forum lasted close to an hour and 11 questions were asked before each candidate provided a closing statement.

“If you want to see growth in this community, growth and manageable growth and you want to see us take back this county, then vote Scott Stuart,” concluded Stuart.

“I am experienced, I am enthusiastic and I think I am more valuable to the people now then I have been just with my experience,” said DeBone. “So thank you very much.”

May election ballots are due on May 17.

The winner of this primary election will run against Democratic opponent Oliver Tatom.


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