▶️ Crowd rallies for Madras bakery after online rumors



A popular Madras bakery found itself at the center of online rumors, Friday.

Eagle Bakery was packed with people that morning who wanted to stop OSHA from taking action against the business.

A Facebook posted Thursday night said, “the owner has been informed OSHA will attempt to serve the business at 9:30. We are calling for a show of support so that OSHA knows we have the backs of our local businesses.”

“We’re here today to support him,” said Scott Stuart with “We the People.” “We are not here to physically stop anybody, but we are here to peacefully non-comply with these illegally mandates and unconstitutional laws.”

Friday morning, inside and outside the building filled with people in anticipation of the rumored OSHA visit.

“I am here to support the bakery because I do not believe in all this nonsense our fine governor is doing to us,” said Prineville resident Pete Sharpe.

At about 9:30 a.m., someone did show up with a paper in hand and he was driven off by the crowd.

Aaron Corvin, with Oregon OSHA said that person was not with his agency.

“It was absolutely not Oregon OSHA,” said Corvin. “Not at all. That is wrong. Incorrect.”

Corvin says OSHA launched an investigation in January, following COVID-related complaints, but would not provide specifics due to the ongoing case.

“We have not issued any citations with respect to this employer,” said Corvin. “There is a lot of speculation and rumor these days including on social media.”

Corvin notes, the business owner would not get advance notice of an OSHA visit.

“If we are going to open an inspection, we are going to do that unannounced,” added Corvin.

“Rumor or not we are here to support the local businesses that want to be open, and don’t want to be forced to give up their rights, and so we’re here in support of that effort,” said Prineville resident Jack Rabenberg.

Friday morning’s crowd dispersed after about an hour.

Eagle Bakery refused our request for comment.


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