▶️ Crook County schools still working on plan for new school year



Crook County is hoping for as normal of a school year as possible, but that doesn’t mean COVID-19 mandates won’t get in the way.

“We’ve sort of looked at this issue as like building a sand castle in the waves,” Jason Carr, Crook County School District communications director said. “Where every time you come up with a plan something changes.”

But if you’re looking for a set plan, it may be another month or more before one is in place.

“We’re two months away from our start date of September 8th and so we just don’t feel that it’s necessary or prudent right now to say we know 100% what we are going to do,” Carr said.

But schools have to present their blueprints for reopening to the Oregon Department of Education by August 15th.

What we do know, is that regardless of what rules are in place by September, online and hybrid options will be available.

“Let’s say a parent only wants their child to come for half the day, and then learn from home the second half the day,” Carr said. “So that option is going to be there no matter what.”

And if Governor Brown orders another shutdown,

“We are prepared and ready to move all of our students to be online full time,” he said.

Carr says specific plans will depend on each individual building and how students can be spaced out. As for masks, the school district will enforce them if required.

Carr says parents and teachers will be informed what to likely expect on the first day of school a few weeks prior.


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