▶️ COVID long-hauler finds relief in unique treatment after months of suffering


It’s a different approach to a story we’ve heard.

Dr. Phillippe Freeman, who goes by Flip, is happy to have company once again and speak in person instead of over the phone.

After he was slammed by a bout of COVID last November, he spent four days in the hospital.

“Got back, three more days with another episode, and then six months of long haulers, which was probably the worst part,” he said. 

Flip is considered a COVID long-hauler; something he didn’t realize when he was first infected.

The experience was exhausting, both physically and mentally.

“I couldn’t walk from there to there without taking a knee once or twice because I was about to pass out,” he said. 

The intense side effects lasted for around five and a half months.

“That’s what was the mental drain, was ‘wow this is not getting one bit better,'” Flip said. “I can’t move. If something was to happen here, I wouldn’t be able to help.” 

It was a dark time in his life with not a lot of options, and no answers.

“No real treatment, nobody knew, nobody could tell me how long this’ll last. Could be a year, could be your whole life. I thought, ‘oh heck no,'” he said. 

After some research, Flip found a doctor who was willing to try something new- IV treatment.

It involved taking a few IVs a week for three weeks.

“Salinium, glutathione, and Myers’ cocktail, which is just vitamins,” he said, describing the contents. 

Flip said the results of the treatment were almost immediate.

“Suddenly, I could work out,” he said. “And I thought ‘oh thank God, please don’t be temporary, please don’t be temporary.'”

So far, so good.

Flip has been able to exercise regularly for the past two weeks, working up the strength to do the one thing he loves most.

“I’ve skied since I was three,” he said. “I’m 55. Skied the Rockies and Alps, and I wasn’t going to let the year go by. So I did go I think in the beginning of May, I was finally feeling okay.  

“I wasn’t in shape, but I was gonna go. I was such a little kid in a candy store. I took 16 runs nonstop.” 

He doesn’t have any plans to slow down, and hopes to go heli-skiing this winter.

“Already got my pass,” Flip said. “Already water skiing. I’m ready to have my life back for sure.” 

Flip’s journey took a turn for the better, but those scary moments pushed him to make some changes.

“During that time, I had some thoughts about my future,” he said. “I’m looking at life a little differently. I’m not retired, but I have things I need to do. I’ve got family I want to spend time with.” 


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